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We provide fingerprinting services for all criminal and non-criminal purposes, including but not limited to:

Canada Pardons


CPIC Record Checks to show employers "no record found" (fingerprints are not required)

Employment (Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Private Sector, Canadian Police Forces, etc.)

FBI Fingerprinting (Ink on FBI Cards)


Police Information Checks - Police Background Checks

International Adoptions

Name Changes

Security Clearances/Certified Records (fingerprints are required)

Purolator Courier Employment

Federal Government Employment

Foreign Travel 

US Entry Waivers

Volunteer Work

Vulnerable Section Fingerprint Based Search (must bring letter from Local Police or RCMP)

 ** Client must obtain a Local Police Information Search from their Local Police Agency.   

Commissioner for Oaths (by appointment only)

 Services Include:

Sworn Affidavits*

Document Certifications*

( * May not be recognized outside of Alberta )

Note: CCRTIS clients submitting electronic fingerprints can expect to receive a response within 72 hours (3 business days*) for the majority of civil clearance fingerprint requests that do not link to a criminal file. The goal of CCRTIS is to respond to 85% of civil requests (those that do not hit a criminal file) submitted electronically within 72 hours. If a criminal record is encountered during the verification process, the turnaround time could exceed 120 days.

* Does not include regular mailing time.